We handle your marketing efforts while you enjoy the better things in business.
Meet The Team
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Meet the Team

We handle your marketing efforts while you enjoy the better things in business.

Avyay completed his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing at Becker College. Avyay’s creative thinking and ability to wear multiple hats makes Avyay invaluable to our team. In his free time Avyay enjoys playing lacrosse, traveling, and experiencing new things.

Avyay Chaganty


Cody completed his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing at Becker College. Cody's ability to leverage his content creation and strategy skills for clients makes him an essential asset to the team. In his free time he enjoys playing Soccer as well as Snowboarding in the Winter.

Cody Lavallee


Jeremy graduated from Becker College with a B.A. in Graphic Design in Spring 2019. Jeremy took his drive and artistic skills to the next level when he launched his own clothing brand in the Summer of 2016. BoundlessRI is a clothing line geared toward a “live life on your own terms” motto and can be found online and in select stores.

Jeremy Ponce

Graphic Designer, Art Specialist

After finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree in Film & Screen Studies at Clark University in 2017, Mitch served as Creative Director for a Sports & Fitness tech start-up, providing video, photography, graphic design, and content for online marketing campaigns. Today he’s a Photo Technician by day, and a multimedia swiss army knife during his free time, working on anything from short films to commercial/product video and music videos. He drives a mean kart in Mario Kart and is always down for a good hike.

Mitchell Gamache

Cinematographer, Editor

Mackenzie is one of our creative Gurus who specializes in visual communication and strategic imagination. Brand Identity is her favorite niche of design. She has road tripped cross country twice, physically cannot turn down buffalo chicken dip, and her side hobbies include leather work and rock climbing!

Mackenzie Farrell

Designer, Photographer, Animator

This leading edge innovator specializes in brand development and web design. His abstract, out of the box way of thinking is what sets him apart from other visionaries. He is a Marine Veteran who has a soft spot for Chipotle, and is always on the hunt for the next bottle of hot sauce. His side hobbies include gaming and picking things up and putting them down!

James Negri

Web Designer, Coder, Gamer

Mike's passion for web design came from the time he spent at Becker College. Dedicated and reliable, he thrives to master more programming languages to better his craft in front end development. Mike strives to achieve nothing but perfection with his creative problem solving, and adaptiveness to his environment to amaze anyone who sees his work.

Mike Lavallee

Web Designer
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Tom's passion to collaborate and help businesses grow using the power of video and compelling visuals is what lead him to ACCL. Thomas has a film production degree from DeSales University and has several years of professional video experience. In his free time he enjoys anything related to cars, spending time outdoors, and exploring interesting areas of the world.

Thomas Clark

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