Social Media Trends for Summer
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Social Media Trends for Summer

Social Media Trends for Summer

The sun is coming out and the weather is getting warmer, which only means one thing, Summer!  Today we are going to be talking about different social media trends that we believe will rule this summer, and what we think your business should do to stay on top of the trends this summer

1. Short Form Content will still soar

Whether it be TikTok or Instagram Reels, we believe that short-form content will be a major way that you promote your business. These short-form videos are everywhere on social media and they show no sign of stopping anytime soon. Having only a certain amount of time per video is good for several reasons. Attention span is the name of the game in marketing, and if you only take up 15 seconds of their time there is more of a chance that consumers will watch what you are promoting. On Tiktok, being on the for you page is how your name gets spread around, and the only way to do that is through trending sound and using trending hashtags. On Instagram Reels, it is important to either repost what you do on TikTok or create content related to your Instagram already. It allows for another avenue for content to be spread about your company.

2. Live Streaming

Throughout the past year, it has been evident that platforms such as Twitch and Youtube have skyrocketed in viewership, and this summer we think it will be no different. With breaks coming up, it allows for more time to be spent watching the hours that go into a normal live stream. In terms of viewership, we think that it is important to use the time live streaming for some sort of good, whether it be to promote your company or to put the donations towards charity. This allows for a positive brand image and allows the company to collectively do actions to help the community around them. The thing is that live stream content has been dominated by gaming content, so it will be interesting to see how this summer pans out in terms of content to be live-streamed. With restrictions easing up, it can lead to different opportunities being filmed.

3. Stories as content

It started with Snapchat and has evolved to every social media platform available, and for the last couple of years, it has just been a supplement to the content you are already posting. We think that come this summer there will be more of an emphasis on content curated specifically toward stories. This allows companies to create special content with multiple avenues to achieve all in a matter of a day. Our prediction for story content is making videos only available for social media stories. Exclusive content sells and can draw a crowd in for a long time. We also think that stories could be used strictly for advertisements, leaving the actual feed to be aesthetically pleasing. Both avenues change the face of the social media stories and are definitely possibilities to look out for when thinking of your company’s social media.

Are there any trends this summer you think we are missing? Let us know by telling us what you think by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where you can see us keep up to date on all digital marketing news, and by following us on Instagram for updates on all things ACCL and current projects we are working on!

Blog By: Kate Sullivan (Intern 2021)

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