The Evolution of Marijuana Branding
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The Evolution of Marijuana Branding

The Evolution of Marijuana Branding

Since legalization began, the branding and marketing of both medical and recreational cannabis across the country has evolved in unexpected ways. In the past, marijuana branding has taken on the typical hippie look and connotation, with tye-dye designs and rainbow coloring to stand out and make a statement.  However, as things begin to shift and more states legalize recreational use, the branding of cannabis has shifted away from that into something that is more luxurious and dignified.

In the modern era, one of the things that comes into play while marketing a product is the way that it looks, which in the case of cannabis dispensaries means the look of the store front as well as the packaging of their product.  First is the look of the store front.  Following the design of Apple, dispensaries have taken on the modern look with a sleek design to attract consumers.  For example, NETA dispensary in Northampton, MA, has designed the inside of their recreational side to resemble that of the Apple store, with an open floor space, and simplistic interior design.

The modern look does not just apply to the store however, it also applies to the packaging of the product.  In the past, the public’s image of marijuana distribution has been of individuals using plastic bags or other miscellaneous containers.  Now, when someone buys from a dispensary, whether it be medical or recreational, the customer receives their purchase in a hard plastic container with a seal on it, showing the product has not been tampered with prior to sale.

By creating a modern look for both the store and packaging, the cannabis industry is creating a brand around itself that it is now a leading industry as opposed to what was seen as uncivilized, as well as presenting consumers with a sense of trust when they walk in the store.  As industries like cannabis continue to grow and evolve, it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends.  To read more about marketing trends and more up to date news, check out the Latest News page on our website!

Blog By: Zachary Ramsey (Intern 2021)

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