Are You Familiar with Guerilla Marketing?
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Are You Familiar with Guerilla Marketing?

Are You Familiar with Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla Marketing is one of the most influential tools that any company, with campaigns so in your face that you can’t miss them. The concept of Guerilla marketing, a campaign style that has been used since 1984 could be the future of small business promotional strategy.

So what is Guerilla Marketing? Guerrilla Marketing is a strategy that takes the concept you are promoting, and advertising that in an unconventional way. This gives the element of surprise to potential consumers, making them have to look at the advertisement in front of them. An example of this is this promotion from McDonalds, the concept being that the lines from the crosswalk are a resemblance of the iconic french fries that are being offered. All that needed to be done was painting the crosswalk, and the interaction is going to come due to the placement and timing of the advertisement. Not only will people have to look at the ad as they go about their normal routines, but in turn the consumer will subconsciously think about McDonalds.

Now why is a concept like this important for small businesses? Unconventional marketing works. It puts content in front of a lot of eyes and makes consumers think, even just for a split second. The positives outweigh the negatives, and allow companies to attract potential customers. This form of marketing is cheap, and makes it so that if your small business doesn’t have the budget like major competitors you are still able to get the word out.

This is where small businesses create their competitive edge. If small businesses use social media platforms to create a “viral” concept, that is just the boost they need to get the company up and running. As of right now, we have not seen a major guerilla marketing campaign that has been purely digital, and for small businesses, it can seem impossible to get the outreach of the major competitors. However, like we have seen with guerilla marketing in the past, it doesn’t take much to get the word out. This might be the future with everything going remote due to the pandemic, and it is only a matter of time until we see the newest viral ad on social media.

We think that this could influence small businesses moving forward, but what do you think? Let us know by following us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates on current digital trends and everything ACCL, and on Twitter for our reactions on all current digital news.

Blog By: Kate Sullivan (Intern 2021)

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