7 Marketing Trends That We Are Going To See In 2021
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7 Marketing Trends That We Are Going To See In 2021

7 Marketing Trends That We Are Going To See In 2021

1. Developing A More Meaningful Campaign 

In 2021, companies will focus on more meaningful campaigns, taking time to focus on the current state of the world and will position themselves to make a significant impact. This concept allows consumers to be able to develop a bond that goes deeper than the surface level consumer and business relationship. Businesses that allow that connection and grow communities will see success this upcoming year and beyond.


This means executing campaigns that directly affect the consumer’s perception of buying your product will require you to have their best interests in mind. You are creating a direct connection to the demographic you are targeting by making this meaningful campaign, for example, companies that are directly taking measures to distribute COVID-19 Vaccines are targeting a worldwide/nationwide population that is looking to see the end of this pandemic. It is important for these companies to really see the purpose of executing these campaigns for the benefit of social good, rather than just boosting sales.


2. Increased Social Selling On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been a source of networking for businesses and employees for as long as the site has been around. More recently, however, in addition to using the site for networking with potential job opportunities, LinkedIn is now being utilized as a platform to promote yourself to potential employers. Essentially, making the potential employer say “look at me” rather than seeking out opportunities.


This is directly linked to the newest updates that LinkedIn has provided consumers in 2020. The site has increased the size of the profile heading, now allowing for 220 characters to accurately describe your professional career, compared to the previous 158 characters. Furthermore, Linkedin developed a feature section, allowing for businesses trying to promote to show off their best work. These updates will fuel LinkedIn to lean towards social selling, rather than traditional networking.


3. Expanded Focus On Instagram Reels

It is no surprise that if you were even remotely involved in digital marketing at any time last year, TikTok was on your radar. However, if you have been in digital marketing long enough, you know that once an idea gets big, Giants like Facebook / Instagram are bound to be in the topic of conversation and possibly even creating their own rendition of the idea, and thus Instagram Reels was born.


Now why do we think that this feature will become more popular? Simply in short, due to the way that Instagram formats their app. Last year, we saw the layout of the app change dramatically, making users have to change the way they navigate their feed. Where we usually see the upload button became the way that Reels are accessed, which subconsciously allowed avid users to explore the new feature. Having Reels at the center of the Instagram algorithm should alert SMM that if you want your video to have outreach, then you should consider posting your video to Reels.


4. Influencer Marketing Gets Even Larger

Influencer Marketing has been one of the most effective strategies that we saw marketers use in the last year. In 2021, we will only see this more. Influencers have the innate capability to create a community so loyal that retention is almost expected. Using this tool will be crucial for major companies to create a relationship with their consumers.


Given the state of the current world, we are seeing slowly but surely, the lowering of COVID-19 cases around the world with the further distribution of vaccines. Once things are safe enough for Influencers to be able to collaborate with major companies in person and in larger groups, we will definitely see a surge in the amount of content that Influencer Marketers and companies will be creating. 


5. Content Marketing Will Begin With Conversations.

Today it is almost required that major companies have the core social media profiles as a tool to promote the company. Whether it be for targeted advertisements, customer service or simply promoting new products, it allows the company to always be continually growing. In 2021, we will see the next step to attracting consumers, by simply starting a dialogue. 


Now why is this so important? Companies that simply start a conversation create a relationship that is more personal. As we go through 2021, we are seeing a shift in the way that companies need to communicate to consumers. Seeing customers as a person rather than a number does a great deal to the consumer mentality, especially if that conversation was overall beneficial. This creates a positive correlation in the way the consumer thinks, and the company at hand. 


6. Easy To Consume Content

The concept seems straightforward, however, it is not what you might think. Easy to Consume content can range on all social media platforms, and it is for the convenience of the consumer so they are not stuck looking and researching on a screen for hours. In 2021, marketers have to consider the continuation or start of creating this type of content to keep themselves relevant.


The most popular trend that we saw last year was the rise in podcasts. Podcasts are considered easy to consume content because you are able to do other things while listening. According to an article by Social Media Today, 55% of Americans were reported listening to podcasts last year. A company’s capability to give Easy to Consume content will strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the business. 


7. Increase In Live Streamed Content.

Live streamed content was huge in 2020, allowing for individuals to have conversations and create connections during a time where it was uncertain when an in person conversation will happen. Although cases are trending slightly downwards, it still doesn’t mean that everything will go back to “normal.” In 2021, these live streaming platforms are not going away and can be crucial in the ways that companies market.


These livestreams are crucial for many reasons. It is considered easy to consume content, with the ability to do other things while listening. This allows consumers to be able to contribute without the commitment of watching and listening to the entire thing. It is a great format to raise awareness to meaningful campaigns, with the ability to fundraise towards charities that directly fund significant change. Finally, it allows influencers to be able to create content while also helping your company. The implication of live streaming will be very influential this year, and allow for many avenues of your company to flourish. 


We think that there are a lot of new Marketing Trends that are going to be influential this year, but what do you think? Let us know by following us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates on current digital trends and everything ACCL, and on Twitter for our reactions on all current digital news.


Blog By: Kate Sullivan (Intern 2021)

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