How COVID-19 Will Affect Winter Sport Re-Openings
How to adapt and remain relevant for for those in the skiing industry.
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How COVID-19 Will Affect Winter Sport Re-Openings

How COVID-19 Will Affect Winter Sport Re-Openings

Skis were discovered in the 1960s in Northern Russia and can be dated all the way back to 6000 BC.  Back then, they were used as a way to cross the frozen tundra that was made of frozen wetlands and marshlands.  Since then, skiing has evolved to form its own culture and has evolved into a recognized sport.  Skiing also helped influence the creation of the first snowboard, when 2 skis were first tied together in 1965 and sold by Sherman Poppen, under the name of the Surfer.  However, although they have made much progress, it is time once again for the skiing and snowboarding industry to evolve due to Covid-19.  So what are some of the things that people can expect to see this winter as ski resorts plan to reopen?

          Although skiing and snowboarding are typically socially-distant action sports to begin with, locations such as lift lines still cause high congestion at developed resorts. Patrons of the mountain should plan to try and stay as socially distant as possible, as well as wearing a mask, in these high congestion areas.

          Skiers and snowboarders should plan to go in small groups or with household members, as well as lift operators, should be encouraging social distancing between groups as much as possible.  In high traffic areas such as lifts or gondolas, masks should be worn to prevent transmission.

          People should strive to choose the less crowded slopes and areas to minimize risk as much as possible.

          Hand sanitizer that contains ethyl alcohol has a freezing point lower than water, but if kept in subfreezing temps, can cause damage.  Try to keep hand sanitizer accessible and above 32 degrees.

          For dining, resorts may offer private eating locations or scheduled meal times to distance everyone at the resort.  Surface contact during these times should be kept to a minimum, and restaurant requirements for the state Covid-19 Guidelines should be followed.

          When possible, participants should use their own equipment rather than renting.  If you do need to rent, equipment should be sanitized prior to use and once it is returned to the renter.

Just as the skiing and snowboarding industry has been forced to adapt in order to stay open, here at ACCL Marketing we have done the same as new updates come out daily relating to Covid-19.  To find more of our blogs relating to other various topics regarding business, marketing advice, and the newest trends please click here!

Blog By: Zach Ramsey (Intern 2020)

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