The Future of Movie Theaters Vs Streaming Services
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The Future of Movie Theaters Vs Streaming Services

The Future of Movie Theaters Vs Streaming Services

With quarantine still in full effect, we are seeing the shift of different industries becoming digital, and other industries falling behind because of the transition to the online demand. We currently see this happening in movie theaters around the United States. This demand raises the question, will we see the rise of streaming services taking over the demand for movie theaters?

Most recently, we saw this shift from the movie theaters to the small screen with the release of Hamilton the Musical on Disney+. The Original Broadway Production was filmed back in 2016, and was set to be released in theaters October 15th of this year. This is not the first time that Disney streaming plans were changed, when the anticipated Frozen 2 was put on the platform earlier this year, with Disney saying that they were accommodating the “challenging time period.”  This shift ultimately raises the question, what is the future of movie theaters?

AMC released a statement recently, saying that movie theaters were planning on going back, starting with 30% capacity starting July 15th. So, if there is a movie theater with 300 people, 90 people would be able to watch their movie. Although tempting to go out to watch the newest movie, what is to say that movie theaters won’t close if cases begin to spike back up?

Another option that we have are drive-in movie theaters. With the comfort of people being in the vicinity of their own car, and with growing rates of coronavirus still happening, it might be the best option for getting the feeling of going to a movie theater. Being in your own car provides comfort to those that might be immunocompromised, as they dont want to be stuck in their house, but still need to take strict guidelines in order. 

Especially with all the concerns still about going out into public settings still after several months of quarantine, I don’t think that movie theaters will be the people’s number one priority at this point. Streaming services have made the rise, and there is no stopping them from getting all the newest movies out and available to the public.

Netflix and Hulu have seen a serge, most recently for thier original series on the platform. These series make an impact, because now the consumer has to go and purchase the streaming platform in order to watch it. For example, the Netflix Original Stranger Things gained 26.4 million unique viewers in the U.S. Over the first four days after its release. This power, if used correctly, could severely impact the way we view movies. If movies are only released on certain platforms, then more people will have to get a subscription and cause movie theaters to go out of business. 

This is what we think of movies in the future, but what do you think? Let us know by following us on our social media to see the latest news on current pop culture and the digital marketing industry.

Blog By: Kate Sullivan (Intern Summer 2020)

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