Determining Which Format is Best for Your Content
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Determining Which Format is Best for Your Content

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Determining Which Format is Best for Your Content

In the growing scheme that is digital marketing, there comes along a challenge of deciding what format is the best way to present the content to the consumer.  For certain things it may be a video, for others it may be a picture, and sometimes it may simply be text.  Before you can decide which format is the best for the message you are trying to convey, there are certain steps that you need to go through to understand the target audience.


1. Demographics

The first thing that is needed to decide the best format for the content is making sure that you understand the demographics you are trying to market to.  This will require some research into which format provides the most feedback and interest from the target demographic.  Certain types of formats will draw a better reaction depending on the demographic that is being targeted.  For example, when the target audience is Millennials, they are more likely to react and share a form of visual content as opposed to text content, where as something that is text only, such as an email newsletter, is more likely to react better with the Baby Boomer generation.  For example, as of February 2019, 68% of the users on Facebook were part of the Baby Boomer generation, where-as on Twitter, only 17% of the users were part of the Baby Boomer generation, meaning that if the target audience is the Baby Boomers, it may be more beneficial to use Facebook as opposed to Twitter or Instagram.


2. Message

One of the next things to thing about when deciding what format to choose when creating content is thinking of the message that is trying to be conveyed through the content.  Certain formats of content can be more digestible, especially depending on the message that you are trying to pass on.  In certain occasions, images or videos can provide a more powerful message as opposed to a long text.  With certain images, it can make it more powerful by also adding a strong caption to the content to assist with the message.


3. Platform

Although there may be a singular message that you are trying to convey on numerous platforms, certain formats of content may resonate better on different platforms.  Let us take Instagram for instance.  Being that it is majority pictures and videos, these types of posts may require less text, but even then, text can be incorporated into the image so that it is more understandable and easier to follow.  Images on Instagram average 23% more engagement on average than their correspondents on Facebook, and posts with video typically gain 38% higher engagement than images.  However, if trying to convey the same message on Facebook as on Instagram, the format may need to be tailored to fit the different layouts that Facebook offers.  This may mean removing some of the text from the image and putting it in the caption or changing the number or layout of graphics that are used.  


4. Budget

The final important thing that needs to be considered in the decision process of what format is best for the content to post is the budget.  It is easy to come up with great ideas for what content to post and what format to use, but in the end it all comes down to budget.  Certain formats of content may cost more than others, such as producing a video using a videographer and editor may cost more than a graphic designer creating a photo.  If you do not have the financial resources to create a certain type of format, such as a high-quality video, it more be fiscally sensible to create a swipe graphic on Instagram that conveys the same message and information while still capturing the consumers attention.

In deciding when the format to use for content creation, ACCL Marketing takes all of these into consideration.  By finding the perfect balance between which demographics are being targeted, focusing on the message to convey in each post, deciding which platform is best for each post, and doing it all at an affordable price, ACCL is ready to help you grow your business’s social media presence.  Contact us to learn more.

Blog By: Zach Ramsey (Intern Summer 2020)

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