How Are People Preparing for Business Post-Quarantine?
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How Are People Preparing for Business Post-Quarantine?

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How Are People Preparing for Business Post-Quarantine?

As the current pandemic begins to show signs that the business world may be a significantly different place moving forward, the roles websites and social media play have become increasingly pertinent to customer engagement and re-engagement. Keeping social media up to date and equipped with enticing, educating, and entertaining content has never been more crucial, and businesses at all sizes should have the tools acquired to take a hard look at modifying their content strategies to include a much more robust and interactive virtual presence. Lots of firms are devising creative ways to connect with their audiences that will likely benefit them well into the post-quarantine world; photo contests and discount offers to e-mail subscribers and/or social media followers have proven to drive engagement and growth as business has lately been shifting dramatically more online.

Consumers will be more attracted to businesses that continue to actively support their community post-quarantine; this ties in with the emerging adage that “Helping is the New Selling”. With consumers becoming more and more informed each day at a rapid pace as the technological revolution spurs on, sales staffs should focus on giving clients the most value and removing the stress from their situation. When your consumer can trust you, they are more likely to invest in you. Planning some volunteer or otherwise engaging events that are not terribly large in preparation for business post-quarantine exhibits the helping, caring nature of a business and its employees.

Many businesses are beginning to adopt staggered work shifts, as the “new normal” will likely be inclusive of at least some social distancing measures; lots of open-space offices will transform into more cubicle isolation equipped with more wipes and sanitizers. In preparation for the return of workers to offices companies are developing training on new safety guidelines and employee health monitoring and reporting. Employers are being certain to remain in compliance with the Fair Labor and Standards Act and the Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act before reducing work or complete business segment closures. Firms of all sizes are planning to downsize their metropolitan presences for more suburban satellite offices, while switching some employees permanently to working remotely from home. While vehicle traffic volume of those commuting to work will likely see a sustained drop in the post-quarantine world from pre-pandemic levels, social media engagement has never been higher, and lots of businesses are creating and doubling down on their websites, social media engagement, and e-newsletters. We think this is great because it leads to more personalized experiences.

Expansive website and social media content comprised of inciteful, caring messages with free advice are a lot of businesses’ priorities, and a fast-emerging trend across industries is user-generated content (UGC). Particularly with consumer goods, UGC is an opportunity to highlight the value a business has given to a consumer and to showcase precisely how that individual consumer has benefited. Incorporating UGC into a cross-social media platform content strategy is certainly one way in which businesses are looking to engage with customers and drive their brand images. In a world ripe with uncertainty and the desire to trust each other more, businesses are looking to push customer advocacy which boosts the trust of a brand and sheds more light on the brand’s value.

Creating a unique digital experience that is timely and has cultural relevance is the emerging trend for advertisers; even the rawest production is being embraced that has these two characteristics. Businesses are beginning to adopt a more optimistic and even humorous tone to make it through the prevailing tones of sadness during the pandemic. Digital virtual events have become all the rage and will likely continue to become a primary strategy in the post-quarantine world, driving engagement in real time. The pandemic has created massive opportunity in video, and live event streaming is a way firms are attempting to maintain active engagement with video’s power to connect.

These times have been challenging, but ACCL has remained resilient.  Marketing is not just our job, it is our passion. We have the contagious confidence to boost your business’s SEO, social media engagement, and contribution to the economy through these trying times and into the coming chapters we will help your business write. How are you preparing for business post-quarantine? We would love to chat more! Feel free to contact us today.

Blog written by: Michael Stalcup (Intern 2020)

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