Identifying Your Brand Voice; How To Develop Your Online Persona
How To Develop Your Online Persona.
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Identifying Your Brand Voice; How To Develop Your Online Persona


Identifying Your Brand Voice; How To Develop Your Online Persona

We currently live in an age where followers and virality can ultimately determine the success of a person. Where every few months a shiny new trend comes into the limelight, and you see that consumers gravitate towards those trends like a cat with a laser pointer. The question is, how do YOU rise above the noise?

1. Think About Who You Want To Attract 

This is huge in selling your personal brand. The last thing that people want to see is the same post over and over again, and to have those people hop on those trends solely for popularity. Think about what makes you unique, and then create your personal brand based on those attributes. 

Take Ben and Jerrys, for example. They are known for being the pint of ice cream that people choose to accompany them while they watch The Office again for the seventh time. What you might not know is that they are creating a brand based off of their work combating social injustice. They have been very vocal about the different areas that they work towards, most recently speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement. Not everyone will like what they are saying on their social media, but they are committed to promoting change in the world through the platform they have been given through making ice cream. This is what makes them stand out amongst the rest in personal branding.

2. Be Consistent

Now we’re not going to lie to you, this can be the biggest obstacle you might have to face in creating your online persona. Consistency is what makes or breaks your brand voice. In this day and age, your social media feed is being curated by an algorithm that is tailoring your posts to be shown based on interest. So, you as the content creator has to be consistently posting content in order for your posts to be shown on said social media feed. 

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck or @GaryVee on all social media says it best when he was the keynote speaker at the National Achievers Congress in Manila. He explains in this video that the trick to growing your online persona is not to hope for the viral post to create success, rather create content consistently and gain popularity in your brand through constant interaction.

3. Take Steps To Actively Increase Engagement On Your Feed 

A final tip that we can share with you is to increase interaction and with the people that are following your brand. The interaction that you create with your brand cultivates a relationship between consumer and marketer. That relationship keeps the consumer on your page and helps promote that page to other like-minded people. Ways that could help your engagement is to respond to comments on your posts and reposting from other content creators. This engagement will allow for others to be interested in looking in your content. Establishing that relationship early on will make people want to keep on following and enjoying your content in the future.

Developing your online persona can be tough, hopefully with these tips you can get started with marketing your personal brand. Follow ACCL Marketing on our website for different blog posts on marketing in the digital age, and on social media to see our practices put into action.

Blog By: Kate Sullivan (Intern Summer 2020)

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